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Coro Summer Fest – January 12 2019

2:30pm - 12:30am


The Coro Summer Fest is a celebration of summer goodness: A small boutique festival with amazing live music, put together with love and passion.
Set amongst lush native bush on private land north of Coromandel Town. With a range of eclectic, interesting and beautiful music styles. BYO picnic, games, epic night-time badminton battles, and delicious food.

Enjoy an afternoon of good tunes, play some games, sit back with a picnic and then dance into the night.

Strictly Limited to only 400 tickets!

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Adult tickets:
Teen Tickets

* Aged 12-18 on the date of the event. must show ID

Children under 12 are freeeee!

Family Event

Coro Summer Fest is a family friendly event. For most of the day the vibe is pretty chill, there are games to play, a creek to play in, you can bring your own picnic and find a sweet spot to sit and listen to music.

The music will get more ruckus and lively as the evening goes. From about 9pm we cant guarantee that it is entirely child friendly – it is a party after all – but if you are O.K with your kids being there, then we are too. Some people like to put their kids to sleep under a blanket off the side of the dancefloor, which is always pretty cute.


Yes, you can camp. Sites are limited and pre-booking is essential. These are currently filling up quickly!

Camping is $10 per site. This will help to cover maintenance of the site and for toilets.

We ask that you bring a small tent or share with your mates, that way everyone can fit in nicely. Please don’t bring a massive family tent for only two of you! that’s just ridiculous. 🙂 Bring all of your own supplies. Please respect that this is a private property, with other residents around. So it’s not an all-night party – Leave by 12 noon the following day.

To book a campsite, e-mail

Other accomodation options

Alternatively, you can stay at one of the local Top 10 Holiday Parks – Shelley beach just up the road, and Coro Town, just down the road -and take advantage of our free shuttle bus.

This will ferry people to and from the two camp grounds at set times in the early afternoon and then again at the end of the night.


23 Colville Road – Coromandel Town.
Beautiful private venue nestled amongst the native bush at the northern end of Coromandel Town.
How to get there:
> 3 kms north of Coro Town, just past the one lane bridge, you’ll see the flags and signs.

While the site is tucked away and surrounded by trees, it is still in a residential part of Coromandel, so please respect our neighbours. This is a lovely and usually very quiet neighbourhood. 🙂

Food and Water

There will be some delicious food available to purchase on the day of the event, we also invite you to bring your own picnic. We will not have food available on Sunday morning however, so if you are camping you’ll need to bring your own breakfast supplies.

The site has a number of water taps, and all of this is safe to drink.

Rubbish and Recycling

We’ll have bins for recycling, but would prefer if you brought reuseable containers and cups. We will happily take your foodscaps left over from your picnic for our compost bin. Any other rubbish, you can take that home with you 😉


We do have neighbours, so we don’t want to go on all night.
Gates open at 2:30pm. Music will begin at 3pm, and will run until 12:30am.

If you are camping, you can arrive to set up at midday.

After the event is finished, we wish for the camp site to be quiet by 1:30am. This is so everyone has a good sleep end enjoys the experience!


Parking is somewhat limited, so if you can carpool, that’ll be choice (it’ll also save fuel – yay!)

If you’re a Coro Town local, please consider walking, or parking down the road at a mates place.

More info on parking will be posted as we get closer to the event.