Mad Hallelujah Tribe


Mad Hallelujah Tribe is a spirited multi-national musical collective that illuminates stages and ignites dance floors worldwide with their vibrant presence and dynamic signature sound, which weaves elements of folk, rock, celtic, gospel, medicine, psychedelic, tribal, and gypsy music. The Tribe is united by a common dream of creating epic, heartfelt music with the power to inspire, unify, and uplift people.

Mad Hallelujah Tribe’s live sets are a harmonic invitation to dance like crazy, clap, stomp and sing along, laugh & cry, and find unity and connection in celebration of life!

The Tribe first converged 4 years ago, bonded through a common dream of creating epic, heartfelt music with the power to uplift people. Since then, Mad Hallelujah Tribe has released four self-produced albums and embarked on multiple tours around the world. They have earned a reputation as ecstatic dance-floor creators, respected crafters of deep musical journeys, and crowd favorites on festival circuits, music clubs, and street corners alike.

Mad Hallelujah have a personal and unique way of connecting with their audience. Uplifting and heartfelt. Audiences can’t help being carried away with maximum dancing and smiles" ~Peter Jenkins , Director/Organizer - Autumn Arena Festival and Mix Festival

Mad Hallelujah Tribe will be on stage at 8:30pm