Huia fuses barefoot te reo Māori organic sounds and immersive electronic vibes. Huia will be performing a live DnB/ Ambient/ World Music set at the Coro Summer Fest. She'll be joined by Rei  - another artist making waves in the Aotearoa hip hop scene in 2018 -  expect a little urban and a lot of bass!
Marking 10 years since her first te reo Māori release, Huia balances life as a ʻmamaʻ and ʻartistʻ so she brings soul, culture and conscience thought to the stage.

Review of Huia's latest EP - Aio:

Āio itself is an absolute breath of fresh air in today's music scene - a scene that (although I love) is often inundated with songs about getting lit, and having your heart broken - instead Huia leans more towards a perfect little blend of taking care of your inner self, and also of the natural world that we are surrounded by.

Described as 'electro-haka' - her sound is reminiscent of traditional Māori songs, but also borrows influences from several other genres. It conjures up such a beautiful peaceful feeling, that reminds me of the peace I feel wandering throughout our native land. So, I downloaded the EP to my phone, and went for a wander through the trees with my earbuds in - and whoa, that certainly taught me Āio.

Huia's beautiful little interpretation of the world around her is deeply moving, inspirational, and a reminder to look after the earth we are given - all strong values of the Māori, and all strong values that we should remember in our day to day lives. I encourage you all to give it a little listen. (Amanda Hailwood -

Listen to Huia's music here:

Huia and Rei will be on stage at 4:30pm