Elise Adlam

Hailing from Whakatane, Elise brings a fusion of acoustic folk, and soulful summer beats. She combines honest lyrics with melodies and harmonies that speak of vulnerability and strength at once.

"Music is the one constant in my life. I can’t remember a time where i haven't written songs. Most of them terrible, but every now and then, a song sticks. They are little stories. Of people, places, and things that happen. I love it when i can convey that in a way that people can relate too and enjoy. That’s the real buzz of music for me."

Elise's love for music began in high school where she was given free range to her Dad’s guitar, banjo and classic vinyl collection. At 17 her high school heavy rock band Ash Road recorded 2 of her original songs which still receive air play today. At 23 Elise toured extensively through Australia and South Africa with her Australian band Beeva Feeva, a 12 piece band from Margaret River on the west coast. Their surf infused reggae funk vibe was embraced and they were signed by label Sheer Sound. On returning to NZ after 3 years touring, Elise joined buddies, Peanut and Nikki to form The Huneybee Wild, and enjoyed 5 years of upbeat acoustic gigs with her Huneybee family. Added to this, Elise And Matt Rapid of Coro Sonic Lab have a loud history of Drum and Bass co-labs, and have a collection of bass heavy tracks that get dusted off every now and then.

Elise will be opening the festival, getting us started on the right foot!

Have a listen to 'Sunshine' here, by Elise and Matt Rapid:

Elise Adlam will be on stage at 2:45pm